Basics Of Marine Batteries For Novice Boatmen

Marine batteries are a little different from the other motor vehicle batteries. The most expert marine drivers sometimes struggle to pick the right battery for their yacht. Whichever type of battery you choose, it is necessary to purchase them from a trusted dealer. But it is important to know some basic information about marine batteries even if you are an occasional boatman.

Installation Pre-requisites

Marine batteries must never be mounted close to the hull. Dry locations for installations avoid hull flooding. It is best to install the same type of batteries at an appropriate height away from the bilge.

Sulfuric acid leaks are common in marine batteries. Sulfuric acid can damage organic materials that come into its contact. It is safe to cover the batteries with plastic boxes that are sturdy.

When the batteries charge, they generate hydrogen gas which is lighter than air. Hydrogen gas is corrosive in nature. So, any pipes that carry fuel or oil should always be placed below the batteries.

Marine Batteries Categorization

There are two categories of the common chemical or lead acid batteries – Starting Light Ignition (SLI) or starting batteries and deep cycle batteries. SLI’s delivered higher instant energy while deep cycle batteries offer longer and steady but lower energy.

Types of Batteries

The other categorization of batteries includes three types – Wet or Flooded, Gel, and Absorbed Gas Mat (AGM).

Wet batteries are the cheapest and use electrolyte plates that produce gas while charging. Liquid sulfuric acid is the source of energy. These batteries are recyclable.

Gel batteries use a mixture of sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, and fumed silica. As they are in the form of the gel, leakage issues are lesser. They are known as recombinant batteries as the gasses combine to produce water.

AGM batteries are known for best performance with high starting power and deep cycle capability. They use a glass mat to hold the electrolyte between the plates. They are the most expensive batteries.

Maintaining these batteries is important to help them last longer. You can buy any of these types of marine batteries from Motor City Battery Company for the best price. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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