Three Signs Your Car Needs Prompt Brake Replacement Service in Forest Lake MN

The brakes of a car will last between several months and a couple of years, depending on how often the vehicle is driven, the driving style of the owner, and the terrain they normally drive on. Annual brake inspections should be carried out to ensure a driver can rely on their brakes. It is also imperative drivers understand the warning signs to look for so they will know when it is time for brake replacement service in Forest Lake MN.

These three signs should prompt a car owner to have their brakes promptly inspected:

* Squealing or whining sounds are one of the first things drivers will notice when their brakes are going bad. This sound comes from the indicator mechanism on the brake pads which warns the driver their pads are getting too low. This metal shim will produce a whine that can be heard inside the car. It is important this sound is not ignored because allowing the brake pads to get too low can lead to rotor damage.

* Reduced response is typical when brake pads are getting on the thin side. If the brake pedal is not as tight and sinks to the floor, this is a problem that needs to be addressed right away. When the brake pads are in good shape and the brake system is operating correctly, the brake pedal should be tight and respond immediately when depressed.

* If grinding begins to occur when the brake pedal is applied, this means the brake pads have become too worn and are scraping against the metal rotors. Unfortunately, this is a sign that may indicate rotor etching has occurred which could mean both the brake pads and rotors need to be replaced as soon as possible. Failure to seek a Brake Replacement Service in Forest Lake MN will end up causing costly damage to the brake system.

If your car is experiencing issues with the braking system, it is vital you seek professional brake services right away. Check out so you can learn about your repair options and the services they provide. Call today and schedule your brake inspection so you can learn what is causing your braking issues and have them repaired.

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