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Why you need commercial glass tinting for your business

The advantage of using glass tinting in commercial business is numerous. Commercial properties that house your businesses and other resources need to have the same attention paid to them as your home. Making sure your employees and

Signs it is Time to Call for Auto Glass Services in Katy TX

Many people put off auto glass services in Katy TX because they don’t think the damage to their vehicle’s glass is severe enough to require immediate repair or replacement. However, even if the damage is minor, it

Windshield Car Glass Replacement for Those Unexplained Stress Cracks

Usually, when a windshield develops a crack, the cause was a rock or something else hard that struck the glass. This typically happens while the car is traveling along the road if another vehicle kicks up stones,

Tips On Preventing Auto Glass Scratch Repairs

Not every instance of scratched auto glass can be avoided. But, there are many instances where it can be avoided or prevented. Here are a few tips from the pros on how to prevent the need for

Buying Off Road Rims: What You Need to Know

Standard alloy rims are not suited for use on rough terrain. They are most certainly not designed for off roading purposes. That’s because standard alloy rims are considerably lighter as compared to the stock steel-plated wheels that

Looking Into A Car Glass Company

The best time to select a Car Glass Company is not when there is a huge crack in the windshield. At that point, car owners just need to get it replaced and get on their way. Do