Your Guide to Replacing Batteries: When to Change

The battery on your vehicle plays an essential role. Without it, you can’t crank the engine, or start the motor, in the case of an electric golf cart or similar vehicle. Batteries have improved greatly over time regarding durability and lifespan, but they still need to be replaced from time to time. How do you when that time has come?

Slow Cranking

One of the first signs that your battery needs to be replaced is slow cranking. If you turn the ignition and it seems to hesitate, before finally turning over, the chances are good that your battery is failing and it will soon leave you in the lurch.

Physical Changes

Your battery should look the same now as it did when you purchased it, minus a little dirt if you’re not particular about cleaning your engine. However, if you notice that it looks swollen, if the sides are bulging out, or the case is otherwise deformed, it’s a good sign that you need to replace it.

Acid Leaks

Batteries require a mixture of acid and water to operate. If you notice any battery fluid leaking from the casing, you need to replace it.


Most batteries today, whether we’re talking about those for cars, boats, golf carts or something else, come with a date stamp that shows when the battery was manufactured. The technician installing the battery should also indicate when it was installed. Based on this, you should be able to tell how old the battery is. If it is beyond its rated lifespan (often noted on the battery itself), you should go ahead and replace it.

Battery Light

Your car is equipped with a battery light on the dashboard that will illuminate if there is a problem with the battery and its charging cycle. If this lights up at any point other than during the initial vehicle self-check on startup, you should replace the battery.

There you have them – the signs that a battery is failing and about to leave you stranded. Perhaps the best defense is to be proactive, though. Have your battery tested regularly so you can replace it when it begins to start going downhill? Also, make sure you know where to buy your replacement. At Business Name, we offer batteries for boats, cars, golf carts, motorcycles, and even specialty items. Contact us for more information about how we can help you. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.

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