Why Opt for Engine Rebuilding in Carmel, IN Instead of Replacement

The moment that a vehicle stops running, panic is inevitable. Then, once it has been determined that the engine is not working properly, sheer terror ensues. Most drivers immediately start conjuring up numbers in their head, wondering how they are going to be able to pay for the solution. While every vehicle and every situation is different, there are times when Engine Rebuilding in Carmel IN is an ideal choice. Instead of getting a brand new engine, the current engine is removed from the car, repaired, also known as being rebuilt, and then placed back into the vehicle. There are several reasons why this is often the best choice.


For most drivers, it comes down to how much it is going to cost to get a vehicle back on the road. While a brand new engine might sound nice, it isn’t always in the budget. So, engine rebuilding in Carmel IN becomes a much more practical option. There are going to be labor costs associated with engine removal, repair, and replacing it back into the vehicle. However, some of those same costs are part of getting a new engine too. The savings comes in the limited replacement parts that need to be addressed.

Includes a Warranty

Engine rebuilding doesn’t mean just sticking a band-aid on a problem and hoping for the best. When the engine is removed, it is thoroughly inspected for any other problems. Then the work, as well as the replacement parts, are covered under a warranty. Most of the time this warranty lasts about a year and will remain in place provided that the driver has taken care of the vehicle and all necessary maintenance. This warranty offers a little extra peace of mind to drivers that want to choose the less expensive option but don’t want to worry about the cost of reoccurring problems.


One of the most overlooked reasons to consider engine rebuilding is the fact that it decreases scrap metal waste. Instead of tossing an engine out, the good parts are kept and the bad parts are replaced. Most of the engine is still usable and isn’t wasted. If you’re ready to get more information on engine rebuilding, Call us now.

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