What to Know about the Mercedes Digital Service Drive

Automotive News called it right: German car maker Mercedes-Benz has set to improve the way it communicates with customers. This includes the launch of the Mercedes Digital Service Drive. Given the advantage of the service, it’s just another reason for car lovers to love the iconic automaker:

More than an SMS Reminder

In the old days, SMS reminders were all you got. So if you received that SMS reminder in the middle of a busy workday and had to jump right back into the fray to avert a disaster, then you’ll probably forget all about setting that appointment. These days, the SMS reminder takes you directly to the online service appointment page. You can choose the time and day that suits your schedule the most, getting your booking done in no time.

Online booking

With the online booking page, setting an appointment is now easy. You can check the page and find those vacant slots right away at the dealership you want. The 5-step booking also makes for a stress and hassle-free experience.

Convenient service

Need repairs done? Have to get that issue fixed? With the Mercedes Digital Service Drive, you can request for help and the company’s Workshop team will come to your aid wherever you are. So whether you’re at the side of the road or at home, you won’t have to worry about bringing the car to the dealership for repairs. The service crew will be there to save the day.

Face to face interaction

You can also take advantage of the video calling features so if you ever need help and assistance, a service advisor can walk you through the process much more efficiently via a video call.

These are just a few of the good things you can expect from the service. For more information, ask your dealership today.

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