Why Do I Need A Snowmobile Exhaust Wrap?

As with anything in life, there are different opinions on every subject. When it comes to snowmobile exhaust wrap, you will find people who swear by it and those who avoid it. In the end, it will be up to you to decide what is best for your own snowmobile. Let’s first determine your uses and needs, and whether or not you can benefit from a thermal product on your pipes and muffler.

Increased Engine Performance

Heat within the engine can be both beneficial and bad for your vehicles performance. While some heat is required, an abundance of it can decrease performance overall and even cause other components to break down from the stress. Thermal wraps help keep a steady transfer of gasses where they need to be in order to increase your rpm’s and horsepower. In fact, studies on motorcycles and dirt bikes have found an increase of 2 horsepower from properly wrapped pipes. This can benefit your snowmobile as well, whether it’s a recreational vehicle or one used for sporting.

Reduced Burn Risk

Anyone who has ridden a motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile or dirt bike can probably tell you about a burn or two they have received on their legs from the muffler. Just a simple brush against this extremely hot piece of metal can leave a lasting mark on your skin. One of the main benefits to a thermal wrap is to help prevent these burns. Most snowmobile exhaust wrap is rated to withstand up to 2,000 degree Fahrenheit temperatures for a continuous amount of time, with spikes of up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit being handled as well. With a 50% reduction of heat to the surface of the pipe, brushing your leg against it will no longer result in an instant branding.

Reduced Noise

Another potential benefit for many riders is the change in pitch from the muffler. Unwrapped mufflers often create a tinny vibration which can make long-time riders end their trip with a headache or temporary deafness. When you wrap a muffler in snowmobile exhaust wrap, you are instantly changing the higher tinny vibration into a lower and more appealing drone. For many riders, this alone is worth the extra cost and installation time. For others, the reduced burn risk may be the deciding factor – unless of course you want to cook food on your muffler during long trips through a winter wonderland.

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