How to Stay Safe When Waiting For Towing Service

Waiting for the tow truck to arrive might be potentially dangerous. From the threat of other drivers on the road to possible roadside attackers, you’ll never know what you may encounter. Our towing company in Kissimmee, FL wants you to be safe. That is why we have put together the following list of 5 safety tips to follow as you wait for a towing company.

Locate a safe area to stop

Just waiting for your tow places you at risk; therefore, your first task ought to be to restrict as much of that threat as possible. It always is better to bring your car to a stop away from all busy junctions, and as far over to the right of the street as much as you can. If possible, stop under a street light and close to easy-to-identify markers. Within some instances you aren’t going to have an option where you stop. If this is the case you must try to make yourself as safe as you can, which will likely mean leaving your vehicle. MAGIC TOW is a very reputable Towing Company in Kissimmee, FL. Your towing service is just a click away! We offer professional tow service and 24/7 available.

Attempt to make your location well-known

The threat of other cars veering into your broken-down vehicle will be decreased if you allow them to know where you’re located. If you have any warning triangles or other markers, set them out 100 yards behind the automobile. Be certain to also turn on your hazard lights.

Keep phone line free

You might get an incoming phone call from the tow truck service or you might have to contact the emergency services. It is a good idea to keep as much charge in your phone as you can; therefore, avoid using the phone as much as possible. By all means allow a friend or family member to know where you’re located.

Be careful about getting assistance from strangers

As the aid of strangers might be a beautiful thing, it also can place you at risk, because of a couple of lonely souls who receive a rush from taking advantage of struggling individuals. Just be cautious about accepting assistance from strangers. Yes, they may have your best interest at heart; however, can you be sure of that?

Ask for some identification

There are unscrupulous towing companies out there which might fly in and ‘steal’ a tow then charge you an excessive amount of money. Therefore, check all company markings on the truck and request that the driver provide his identification badge.

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