Paintless Dent Repair – Economical Alternatives To Traditional Auto Body Repair

Living in Colorado can easily expose your car to damage from hail storms or bad weather conditions. No matter where you live, dents are inevitable too. Taking your car in for repairs constantly quickly becomes expensive, annoying, and inconvenient. One alternative that many repair shops such as BJ’s Auto Repair are using instead is paintless dent repair.

How Does It Work?

Paintless repair works by pushing out minor dents from the other side of the car’s surface. The damaged portion of the car can be painted over afterwards, but there is no need to cover up the damage with paint or chip the paint job during repairs.

Why Use It?

Dents may not stop the car from running but they do look unsightly and can drive down its value upon selling. How Stuff Works says that most modern cars use paint that is extra resilient and won’t chip or scratch even after a collision. Any repairs involving paint work are more intensive and therefore expensive, so paintless dent repair aims to fix dents without a long and difficult job or a high price tag.

Why An Auto Repair Service?

It is possible to perform paintless repair yourself with the right tools, but it can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the process. There is even the risk that you could damage the car further or cause more dents. Going to a professional auto repair shop will ensure that all dents, even large ones or dents resulting from hail damage, will be fixed to a professional standard without damage to the car.

Dents to a car body needn’t be a permanent addition to your car or cost a lot to repair. Look for a local repair service which uses paintless repair for dents and you will have even the worst dents taken care of.

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