3 Signs of Major Car Suspension Problems

Car suspension issues are often tricky to diagnose. While the symptoms are readily apparent in most cases, pinpointing their source can be problematic. Worn shocks, struts, springs, ball joints, and tie rods can cause damage to a vehicle and make it dangerous to drive. When a driver pays attention to the signs of suspension trouble, they can keep a small problem from turning into a big one. Below, drivers can learn some of the most common signs of suspension failure.

Pulling to the Side While Driving

Pulling to one side is a common sign of trouble with a car’s suspension, and it can be difficult to diagnose without professional help. Tires should be aligned for proper toe-in, camber, and caster. If the tires are aligned poorly, they can wear unevenly, and the car may get poor gas mileage. Vehicles can pull for a variety of reasons such as:

* Uneven tire pressure and wear

* Poor alignment

* Bad steering rack or tie rods

* A stuck brake caliper

Hitting a pothole or curb can throw a car’s alignment off kilter, and changes don’t happen without external activity. If there are problems with the car suspension, get them checked as soon as possible.

A Bumpy Ride

A rough, bumpy ride is an indication that the car’s struts or shocks could need replacement. When a bumpy road makes the vehicle bounce, there’s a suspension issue that needs evaluation. A simple bounce test can point out underlying problems. On a parked car, put all the weight on its front end, release and observe the vehicle’s response. If there are more than three bounces, the shocks or struts likely need replacing.

Trouble Steering

If the car is difficult to steer at slow speeds, there may be a problem with the suspension. In some cases, the wheel may slip when it’s held in a turn. Any of the power steering system’s parts can cause such issues, including a loose belt, a faulty pump, low fluid level, or a leaking rack.

The main reason drivers delay getting necessary repairs is because of the high cost. Replacing worn ball joints, shocks, and struts with new parts can be expensive, particularly on rare cars. However, the team at dundeewolfauto.com can get the car back on the road quickly and at a fair price. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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