Owning A Nissan Armada

Choosing between different classes, models, and makes of vehicles is part of the purchasing process. Researching and determining the features and options that make one vehicle a better fit for a particular driver or family is also a key component for Newark, NJ, car buyers to keep in mind.

For those looking for significant cargo and passenger space combined with a luxury interior and exterior, the Nissan Armada in Newark, NJ should be top of the list of vehicles to test drive. This full-size SUV offers best-in-class performance and horsepower, while also providing towing capacity and cargo space along with a roomy, well-designed cabin.

Everything in One Vehicle

The exterior and interior design and style of the Nissan Armada make it an ideal family vehicle, work vehicle or SUV for highway and city driving. The engine in this SUV is a 5.6-liter V-8, which is the highest horsepower engine in any full-sized sports utility vehicle on the market.

It has excellent acceleration, so it is a practical choice for getting around Newark, NJ, even in rush hour traffic. At the same time, the Armada can tow up to 8,500 pounds, which is ideal for trailers, boats, or general use on a job.

The Cabin and Cargo Advantages

While many SUVs and crossovers can comfortably seat 5, the Nissan Armada has three rows of seats that accommodate eight adults with room to spare. In addition, the large cargo area gives plenty of space for luggage, groceries, or anything else you need to carry. Maximizing the cargo space provides 95.4 cubic feet of storage.

The interior of the Armada is designed with comfort in mind. There are storage areas, front and rear seat infotainment center, as well as extra touches that show attention to detail. Coupled with state-of-the-art safety features, the Armada is an ideal vehicle for any busy family. Contact Lynnes Nissan today!!

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