How To Test Drive Used Cars In Bothell

When you are shopping for a used cars in Bothell one of the most important things to do is take any potential cars for a test drive. Test driving a car that you are thinking about buying is vitally important but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about doing this. In order to ensure that you get the very best car that you can follow these tips for going on a test drive.

  • Don’t Bring People Along – when you are test driving a car it should only be you and the person who is taking you for test drive in the car. Do not bring along family members or children on a test drive. They will cause you to be distracted.

  • Pay Attention – Notice how the car feels when you drive it down the road. Listen to the engine and feel the way the car turns and stops.

  • Take Mental Notes – When you are test driving a car you want to make a mental note of anything that might be off in the car or anything that may need to be looked at before you purchase the car.

  • Test Out The Terrain – take the car on as wide a variety of roads as possible. Drive on the interstates, back roads and city traffic if you can. You want to see how the car handles in all types of conditions and on different road surfaces. Test out the acceleration rate on highway onramps and visit a parking lot to test out the brakes without causing problems in traffic.

  • Check Out the Equipment – make sure the windshield wipers work. Try out the horn. Check to be sure that the lights all work and the blinkers blink. Adjust the mirrors and if those are electric make sure those are working properly as well.

  • Make it Count – go on as long of a test drive as is possible. You obviously can’t take off for several hours but you need more than just a few minutes to get a good feel for the car handles.

  • No Distractions – When you are test driving used cars in Bothell it is not the time to see how well the radio works. You can do that when the car is not moving. Cut out any noise and distractions so that you can focus on the car and how it feels to drive it.

Going for a test drive is a great way to check out a used car. When you follow these tips it will make your test drive more beneficial and help you decide which car is right for you.

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