Choosing Yard Trailers for Your Boat

Yard trailers (also called boatyard trailers) are trailers made to launch, retrieve, carry and sometimes store boats in a boat yard that houses boats. There are both commercial and non-commercial trailers. These boat transport devices are specifically designed to be operated by a trained commercial marina operator or a boat owner who is trained to use the device. Boat storage facilities require yard trailers to meet high industry standards. This equipment must be operated with precision and ultimate boat handling efficiency.

Selecting the Right Trailer Matters

When we shop for boats, we look critically at the boat. We scrutinize its condition and whether it will meet our needs. On the other hand, we probably don’t pay as much attention to the trailer as we should, which is interesting given the ratio of how much time the boat spends on it compared with the amount of time it spends on the water.

Your Boat Deserves the Best

If what you’re carrying is important — and a boat certainly counts — you should spend some time thinking about what kind of trailer you’ll need. Like so many other products, the quality of trailers varies widely, and if you look closely in all the right places, you can spot the differences. As simple as it sounds, a decent rule of thumb when trailer shopping is, “you get what you pay for.”

Factors to Consider

yard trailers are extremely versatile, hard-working machines that can safely handle a wide range of vessel types and sizes. The boat’s weight, overall length, width, center of gravity, hull shape, engine(s), and many other factors determine the best boat trailer model. A sailboat, for example, requires a special trailer because of its deep keel and high winch stand.

Built to Last

These off-road trailers feature rugged steel side frames and hydraulic components. At its most basic, this type of trailer is a wheeled frame designed to transport a boat across the land by towing it. The frame can be basic for small boats, but larger boats require more complex construction. New powerboats are often purchased with custom trailers made especially for the boat, right down to a matching paint scheme.

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