Heavy-Duty Winching and Trailer Towing Services

Most average towing services can handle light and medium-duty towing, such as cars, trucks, vans, small campers, and buses. These are the regular tow trucks people see in every rural area, small town, and city in the country. If a vehicle is too damaged to be towed, it is placed on a flatbed truck and taken to a service station or junkyard. That is the case in some rollover situations, extreme accidents, and when an old vehicle is sold for parts. Standard tow trucks are not equipped for heavy-duty trailer towing services

There are times when the vehicle cannot be attached to the towing mechanism immediately because of its position. If the front of the car or truck is not accessible to the wrecker, it has to be winched out of the area. Ropes, cables, or chains are attached to strong and stationary parts of the vehicle. The other ends are attached to a drum that is operated by a motor, or winch, that slowly rolls the chains or cables up, moving the vehicle as it turns. Winching a vehicle takes special training because if the end hooks are attached incorrectly, severe damage can result. The undercarriage, frame or axle can be bent or broken, which means expensive repairs or replacement.

Heavy-duty winching and trailer towing services requires special training, powerful equipment, and advanced technology. Attaching recreational vehicles, motor homes, tractor trailer trucks, full-size horse trailers, and large construction equipment for towing purposes has to be done a specific way to ensure safety. Winching for heavy-duty trailers and vehicles is a specialized skill that is specific to each type of vehicle. Winching a trailer, for example, is very different than winching a dump truck.

The wrecker has to have the capacity to match the size and weight of the trailer, boom lift, or excavator it is towing, or both vehicles will be damaged. Cables can snap, motors can burn out, and tires can flatten under the pressure and weight. There is towing equipment that has the capacity to tow weights of up to fifty tons. Technicians trained to operate and drive those heavy-duty towing trucks can recover vehicles and equipment from virtually all circumstances. Business owners can go to Usaautoservices.com for detailed information regarding recovery services and towing for short and long distances. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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