What Has To Be Done To Preserve Your Ford Warranty?

Warranties are tricky for customers. Everyone wants one, but few people understand what is actually involved in maintaining one. This has led to much misinformation over what exactly has to be done to your vehicle for your warranty to remain intact. Unscrupulous service centers will take advantage of this lack of knowledge when you bring you vehicle in, so be sure you are working with a reputable business when you take your Ford in for service in Barrington. Here is what you will have to have done to keep your warranty intact.

Change Fluids

Each manufacturer will have recommended fluid change intervals. This will vary depending on many factors, so covering the entire fluid change schedule is far beyond the scope of this or any other article. When you purchase your new vehicle, you should ask for a service schedule. This will tell you when each of your fluids needs to be changed. Oil, for example, is usually changed after the first 500-2000 miles depending on the make and model, and then changed again at 5000 miles, then every 5000 after that. A maintenance schedule will tell you all of this information. If you did not get one when you bought your vehicle then ask your dealership or check online, you could usually find one.

Filters and Others

The other major item for maintaining your warranty is having your filters changed. This includes air filter and fuel filters. Again, your maintenance schedule should tell you exactly what to do and when.

Contrary to what many people believe, maintenance does not have to be done at the dealership to preserve your warranty. In fact, you can do it yourself if you want to, but you must make certain to use the right fluids. If you take your vehicle in for warranty repairs and do not have service records, then they are likely to test your fluids for the affected part. If it comes back below standards, then your claim could be denied and your warranty partially voided.

If you are concerned about maintaining your warranty but do not want to pay for something you do not need then take your vehicle to a dealership and tell them you just need the maintenance done to maintain your warranty, nothing else.

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