Different Options When it Comes to Forklift Rentals in Orange County and the Surrounding Area

There are many companies that offer Forklift Rentals in Orange County and the surrounding area. Whether a business needs a short term option while their equipment is being repaired, or they need more forklifts for a short time during their busy season, Forklift Rentals in Orange County are available. Check out some options at Selectequipment.com to see what is available and at what price range.

Information Regarding Forklifts And Rental

Forklifts are available to rent by the day, week or months at a time. For any business looking to rent for a longer time, discounted rated do apply. Besides forklifts, these companies also offer utility vehicles, and aerial equipment. There are different options when it comes to forklifts. Business owners can choose between diesel, electric and LPG. The weight capacity is between 3,000 to 55,000 pounds. Rent to purchase options are also available on any piece of equipment.

Different Forklifts And Attachments To Choose From

These large pieces of equipment are maintained properly and inspected before they are rented out to other businesses. Businesses have many different options to choose from when it comes to forklifts. Renting the proper one really depends on the type of work at hand. For example, there are scissor lifts, scrubbers, sweepers, electric pallet jacks, reach trucks and so much more. Not to mention the different attachments also available for rent. Those include carton clamps, fork clamps, rotators, carpet poles and so much more. The items available are literally endless. The rental company is very knowledgeable in the equipment they have. They are able to advise and answer any questions so that the best piece of equipment is used for the job. The equipment rented is delivered to the worksite and is picked up at the end of the rental agreement.

Call today to request a quote or visit their online site to find out more information. Speak with a staff member to get any and all questions and concerns answered. You can also visit their warehouse to look at everything they offer so that equipment can be found for the specific job in mind.

Visit Selectequipment.com, for more details.

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