Buying Locking Fuel Caps- What You Need to Know

The fuel cap in your car is designed to make sure that the fuel in your car doesn’t start evaporating or get contaminated. The fuel cap is completely insulated and locks into place. There are many different styles of fuel caps that you can choose from, including vented or non-vented. It’s important for you to choose the right one based on your requirements. Before you purchase any type of locking fuel caps, you should understand how the design of the fuel cap impacts performance.

Vented or Non Vented

Simply put, vented fuel caps allow for the pressure inside the tank to be released directly from the fuel system. These fuel caps were most commonly used on vehicles that were manufactured before 1985. Non-vented fuel caps, which you will find on almost every vehicle today, were introduced in vehicles manufactured after 1985. They prevent the pressure from being released directly from the fuel system, which is important for compliance with the emission control regulations. When it comes to buying locking fuel caps for your car, you can easily browse through websites online to see the different options available. Some fuel caps are available in a chrome finish, while others are available in standard designs.


Locking fuel caps are made from high-quality materials that give them a significantly longer useful life. These fuel caps also have a key-operated lock in order to prevent the vehicle from vandalism or theft. They also have OE vacuum relief features, thus preventing the fuel vapors from exiting the system via the filling tube under ordinary conditions. The prices generally vary depending upon the type of fuel cap you buy. For instance, chromed fuel caps are slightly more expensive as compared to the ordinary ones.

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