A Ford Dealer near Louisville, KY on 10 Pickup Truck Specs to Consider

If you’re planning on going big, buying a pickup truck is the way to go. Consumer trends have shown that more people are taking the plunge and ditching their sedans to upgrade with a pickup truck. But what are the top factors to consider before buying? A Ford dealer near Louisville, KY, can give you some features to think about.

1. Your Budget

Many new and used pickup trucks come with reasonable price tags and affordable financing options that work best for every driver. Have a plan on your projected down payment for your pickup truck. From here, you can ask your dealer about the interest rates and your average monthly payments.

2. Passenger Capacity

Most pickups now have passenger cabs that can comfortably seat a family of five. If you’re going a bit lean on the budget or traveling solo, then a smaller cab can be a way to go.

3. Fuel Consumption

You can ask your dealership about the miles per gallon (mpg) that the pickup truck goes for. Keep in mind that mpg during city driving is lower compared to mpg on the highway. Either way, figure out how often and how far you will drive, and you’ll find a pickup that is OK for your gas budget, too.

4. Engine and Horsepower

Again, truck models vary significantly on their engine size and the horsepower (hp) they can give. These are specs that you can look into and consult with as you talk to your dealer. If you plan to use the truck for heavy work and long-distance driving trips, then go for models with larger engines with more significant hp.

5. Towing Capacity

About engine and hp, what’s the maximum load that the truck can tow? Have this figure in mind, especially if you plan on using your pickup to haul cargo and even pull a trailer or a boat.

6. Size of the Truck Bed

This feature is often expressed in cubic feet, and it pertains to storage capacity as well. Passenger cabs often make the truck bed slightly shorter and may reduce the power of stuff you can load in. Plus, consider features that you can add to the pickup to protect the cargo in the truck bed, such as all-weather covers or camper shells.

7. Drivetrain according to Ford dealer near Louisville, KY

Ask any trusted dealer about Ford trucks, and you’ll be pleased to know that you have various options for the drivetrain. You can get a front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive or 4×4, which is usually the most costly option. Choosing from these will depend on your usage level and where you’ll want to take your truck.

8. Height and Ground Clearance

Many trucks today are being built higher than their predecessors. These features help a driver gain more visibility while driving on- and off-road. Having enough ground clearance prevents the underside of your truck from hitting debris like rocks and enables you to breeze through rugged terrain.

9. Safety Ratings

You can check with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for their annual ratings on nearly all vehicles available in the market. This organization considers airbag effectiveness, crash mitigation, and the overall protective features of a pickup truck, helping you decide and drive with more peace of mind.

10. Additional Specs

If you’re buying a truck, surely you will want to enjoy the bells and whistles that come with it. It will be convenient to find driver-centered features like Bluetooth connectivity, smart navigation, and more. You can demo these in person when you drop by your nearest dealership. Check out Jim O-neal Ford for more helpful tips.

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