Why the Volvo XC90 should be Your Next Car, Find a Dealer near Rockford

When you initially see the Volvo XC90, you immediately notice its appearance. Rockford residents have to get inside this SUV because it is a luxury brand that has hidden gems you can’t see from the outside. It feels safe and secure as well as comfortable because it’s a larger vehicle with all the luxury comforts you expect. Plus, it has many high-tech features.

The 2018 version now has many of its previously optional features as standard. These include rear cross-traffic alerts, bling-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control and more.

Chic Outside

From the moment you lay eyes on it, you can see and experience the luxury oozing from it. You immediately know it is a Volvo vehicle and you can also see the sloping and sleek lines along the hood and on the sides, making it easy to see the difference between the XC90 and the competition. The grill is eye-catching with vivid chrome bars, and the chrome on the trim gives another layer of elegance.


The XC90 is classy, both on the inside and out. The interior is crafted using the highest-quality materials available. You can see and appreciate the luxurious workmanship, as well.


This vehicle is highly stable because it has a lower center of gravity, even though it is an SUV. Along with such, you can choose an optional adjusting suspension that gives you more confidence to handle challenging road conditions.


The list is long for standard technology and safety features, and they can’t all be listed. However, some features include parking sensors, rearview camera, panoramic sunroof, keyless ignition, adaptive cruise control, smartphone integration via appropriate apps, and more.

The Volvo XC90 is a smooth, luxurious SUV that will make you excited every time you drive. Visit McGrath Volvo Cars near Rockford at https://www.mcgrathvolvocars.com to search options.

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