Why Auto Emissions Repair in Federal Way, WA is so Important

Some states don’t require vehicle emission tests. However, Washington requires these tests be performed each year on every licensed vehicle. In order to pass those tests, the emission system of a vehicle must be working properly. However, the need for passing an emissions test isn’t the only reason a vehicle may need professional Auto Emissions Repair in Federal Way WA.

Not passing an emissions test may cause a vehicle to be unfit for driving. This means that a person can’t legally use their vehicle. However, many people do anyway, and this can lead to significant fines and citations that negatively affect a person’s driving record.

However, while these things can be an inconvenience, problems with the vehicle’s emissions system can also cost a great deal of money in terms of operating it. In many cases, issues with the emission system will greatly affect the performance of a vehicle. This can impact how the vehicle performs and how much fuel it uses.

For example, a common issue with an emission system that requires Auto Emissions Repair in Federal Way WA, is the mass airflow sensor. This sensor tells the vehicle how much fuel to add to the motor pursuant to the amount of air that is coming in from the air filter. When these sensors don’t work properly, they can put too much or too little fuel into the engine, causing it to work inefficiently. This can either result in a reduction of power or, when more fuel is added than is necessary, it can greatly affect fuel economy.

Catalytic converters take harmful carbon monoxide gas and turn them into harmless compounds. Faulty converters can cause the vehicle to expel harmful gases and can cause a backup of exhaust into the motor. This can greatly decrease fuel economy and performance.

These are just a few of the things that can affect the emission system of your vehicle. Not only can this cause your vehicle to fail inspections, it can greatly reduce the efficiency of your car. In any situation, if the emission system isn’t working properly, it’s time to have it repaired. To find out about these and other repairs to the emission system, you can click here.

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