What Takes Place During a Transmission Rebuild in Mesa?

Choosing a Transmission Rebuild in Mesa over a new transmission is an appealing option for many consumers. The amount of money saved is well worth giving the rebuild a second look. While the task is still labor intensive, the cost of new parts is much less than an entire new transmission. But what happens when a transmission is rebuilt? Why does it cost less than the alternative?

Diagnosing the Problem

To determine whether a transmission rebuild is an option, the entire transmission needs to be removed from the vehicle. At this point, all of the parts are inspected to see which are no longer functioning properly. During this process, certain parts are removed so that the entire system can be examined. It makes sense to look for every part that isn’t working while the transmission is apart instead of trying to replace one part at a time.

Replacing the Parts

Once the problem has been found, those parts of the transmission are removed. They can be replaced two different ways. For a little bit more money, it is possible to replace the parts that aren’t working with new parts. On the other hand, drivers can save more by choosing re-manufactured parts. These are used parts that have been inspected and in some cases improved to work in a transmission.

Putting the Transmission Back Together

Once the new or re-manufactured parts are on the transmission, there is only one way to make sure that everything is working properly. The transmission with the new parts added, needs to be put back into the vehicle and tested out. At this time, a technician will double check all of the work that was done to ensure that the new or re-manufactured parts solved the original issue.

How can a driver know if a Transmission Rebuild in Mesa is the best option? A skilled technician will be able to remove the transmission from the vehicle and find out if the rebuild is a possibility. Estimates can be created for a new transmission and the rebuild so that a driver can look over the options and make an informed decision. Check out website domain for more information about transmission maintenance, service, and repairs.

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