When Is It Time To Replace Your Auto Glass?

Your auto glass is something of an engineering marvel. The windshields are laminated glass so that if it breaks, it will not shatter, but instead stay together as a sheet. Your windows are tempered glass so that they will completely shatter when broken, rather than breaking into large, dangerous pieces. Over 100 years of innovation have gone into developing the glass that is used today in order to keep you and your family as safe as possible. Even with such an important role, auto glass can get neglected and overlooked. Here are a few signs you may want to pick up some new auto glass in Chicago or your area.

It is Fogging On the Inside

This one will seem strange to anyone who has not seen it before. This is not referring to your windshield fogging on a humid day, but a milky, chalky fog that forms inside of the actual glass. This should only ever happen on windshield since it is the plastic laminate aging. This is usually caused by moisture getting in, usually through a crack that has been repaired. This will only get worse over time and can be dangerous, so if your windshield is fogging like this, then it is time to replace it.

It is Cracked

You do not really have to worry about replacing your windows unless they get broken, but your windshields can get cracked and need to be replaced. While some cracks can be repaired, others cannot. You can generally get away with a cracked windshield for a while, but you are eventually going to end up with a ticket or a massive crack in your line of site. Either way, not good.

Take the time to replace your auto glass if it is cracked or worn out. In many cases, your insurance will pay to replace it if it is a crack since this can pose a danger and can potentially lead to an accident.

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