The Questions You Should Be Asking a Used Ford Dealership in Long Island

We at Levittown Ford pride ourselves on being one of the most reputable new and used car dealerships in the Levittown, New York area. When drivers visit our lot to look at our selection of used vehicles, we expect to receive a lot of questions. Below are the essential questions you should be asking any used Ford dealership to make sure you are purchasing the best quality vehicle for your budget, wants, and needs.

Is the Car Certified?

A used Ford dealership in Long Island should ideally be selling only pre-owned vehicles, which have been inspected and certified by a trustworthy mechanic. Our dealership certifies all pre-owned vehicles prior to placing them for sale on the lot. When drivers come to us looking for a quality used vehicle, we gladly provide them with all of the documentation proving that the vehicle has been properly and thoroughly inspected by one of our expert mechanics, and we detail exactly what was fixed or repaired.

Speaking of certification, who certifies it is an important question to ask. The certification may be provided by:

a) The manufacturer of the vehicle

b) An insurance company

Insurance certification can be quite the hassle and extremely time-consuming. Being a used Ford dealership, we only certify pre-owned vehicles that have been manufactured by Ford. This means that if you should have any difficulties with your vehicle, we will quickly and easily take care of the problem for you.

Where Did the Vehicle Come From?

We at Levittown Ford understand that knowing the history of a vehicle is incredibly important when it comes to assessing its value. The majority of vehicles, which are part of our selection of pre-owned vehicles, have come to us as trade-ins. We are often able to provide drivers who are interested in a pre-owned vehicle with past inspection and maintenance records, so they can assess the quality of the vehicle themselves.

There are also times when a used Ford dealership may obtain a used vehicle at an auction. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is important that the vehicle is inspected by a well-trained professional mechanic who specializes in vehicle inspections.

Can I Take the Car for a Test Drive?

Our friendly staff will be more than happy to allow you to take a vehicle out for a test drive. A lot of the time the sales person will accompany the driver on the ride so any questions you may have about the vehicle are answered on the spot. It also allows us to address any concerns you might have about the vehicle.

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