Struggling with Car Repair Costs? Here is How You Can Save with Used Auto Parts

Keeping your car up and running can be expensive. Gas and oil changes, regular maintenance check and yes, even replacing key components may leave your wallet feeling lighter than expected. The good news is, the cost of replacing parts can be significantly lowered if you consider Chicago used auto parts.

Three of the most popular car parts that people buy used are: Car hoods, bumpers, and window glass.

Car Hoods

The hood of your car plays a crucial role in protecting your car’s internal components, such as the engine. While the cost of replacing a dented or slightly bent hood may make you cringe, consider it a cheaper alternative to the engine repair that may be required if you leave your engine vulnerable to the elements. Replacement of the hood is even cheaper when you opt for a used part. The cost of a new hood can be as much as $500, whereas a used on goes for $1-300.


Even the smallest fender bender can do significant damage to your car’s bumper. Straightening out or replacing a damaged bumper with a brand-new one can cost an average of $500 depending on your make and model. Why pay full sticker price when a used bumper works just as well and can be found as cheaply at $50?

Window Glass

Window glass is necessary to protect your car’s interior from the elements. Failure to replace damaged or missing window glass can lead to mold and mildew problems that will be even more costly. Don’t let the price of new window glass deter you. There is no reason to drive around with makeshift plastic coverings. Used auto glass varies by measurement, but is still an economical way to get your car ready for the road.

Plenty of other used car parts provide perfectly good alternatives to new parts when it comes to car repair, and more often than not, the savings are worth the time spent searching.

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