Specialists at Brake Repair Shops in Point Pleasant, NJ Review Faulty Brake Warning Signs

Your brakes are not exactly quiet if they need to be fixed. Not only will they squeak and grind, they also growl at times, and even squeal. You just need to determine what any of these noises may mean. In any event, none of the sounds can hardly be ignored, as they are big warning signs that your brakes are no longer safe.

Get Any Repair Fixed Early

That is why brake repair shops in Point Pleasant, NJ emphasize that early repair is important. For instance, if your brakes are growling or grinding, it means that the brake pads are worn down. In most cases, the pads need to be replaced. The growling and grinding sounds are made when the metal disc and caliper rub together. You may also need to have your rotors turned or replaced as well.

A Brake Adjustment May Be in Order

Specialists at brake repair shops also add that you should have your brakes repaired or replaced when your car is behaving “badly.” For instance, if your vehicle pulls to one side when you put on the brakes, it usually is a sign that the lining on your brake are worn, or that a foreign material is inside the brake fluid. You may either need to adjust the brakes or may have to drain and replace the fluid.

Leaks in the Braking System

If you notice that your brakes are not responding as they should, professionals at brake repair shops add that a leak may be present in the braking system. This leak could be an air leak within the hose or a fluid leak. If you see evidence of puddling when your car is parked, you need to have the problem investigated further and fixed right away.

Schedule an Annual Inspection

You can learn more about brake repair when you visit a website such as Defeliceauto.com. Schedule an appointment today for a brake inspection if you have not had your brakes assessed in over a year. Inspections should be performed annually.

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