Signs that a Vehicle Needs New Tires Tulsa

When a person goes for a walk, they expect their feet to feel somewhat tired and sore. This is similar to a person’s tires on their vehicle. Each time they go for a drive, regardless of how long it is, the Tires Tulsa take a beating. While this is usually not a sign of bad driving, it is a fact that no one can escape. As time passes, the tires are going to become old and worn. At some point in time, it is going to be necessary to replace the tires. Some signs that indicate this time has arrived can be found here.

Tread Depth

All Tires in Tulsa have tread. This is the grooves in the tire that provide a grip on the road. It is important that this tread never gets lower than 1/16th of an inch. This is especially true if the individual drives on slick or wet surfaces regularly. The fact is, low tread on wet roads can result in a disaster. There are tire tread depth gauges that can be purchased to help determine if the tire is still good. If it isn’t a driver should not hesitate to purchase new tires.

Take Note of the Treat Wear Indicator Bar

If an individual recently bought a newer vehicle or even new tires, they have an advantage over the older tires that are still on some vehicles. This advantage is an indicator that lets the driver know when excessive wear is present. When the tires are brand new, a driver will be able to barely see the bars, but as the tires are used and worn, they will become more and more visible. This helps a driver know when it is time to seek new tires.

The tires are all that is between a driver and the road. Keeping them in good condition is a must to remain safe while on the road. More information that can help a driver know when new tires should be purchased can be found by contacting the staff at Tate Boys Tire & Service. Those who are interested can also visit the website.

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