Should You Buy A Used Car?

If your current car needs replacing you may ask yourself if you should buy a used car or a brand new car. There are valid reasons to buy either; there is really no one answer to this question. Often, the decision is based on how much you can afford to pay every month but this is not the way to make a major decision. When making the decision to buy a used car from Mazda in Plainfield or a new come from them you must understand your own set of requirements and your own financial capabilities. Chances are if you only focus on the monthly payment you will end up buying more car than you really need and perhaps you might even pay more than you need to for it.

Ask yourself a couple of questions, the answers will help you make this important decision.

* Are you willing to take the initial depreciation?

Depreciation is actually a hidden cost associated with buying a new car. A typical new car depreciates anywhere from 20 to 30 percent the moment you drive it away, it is not unknown for a new car to depreciate as much as 50 percent in three years. If you are planning to keep the car until it basically falls apart; then buy a new Mazda in Plainfield. If you are happy with a two year old car you are far better off to buy used.

* What about repairs and maintenance?

If you buy a new car it comes with a bumper to bumper warranty, if you buy a used car you may also be buying problems. You can minimize the problems by going for a certified pre-owned car but that increases the cost. If you buy an “almost new” used car you will normally inherit what is left on the new car warranty.

There is really only one person that can answer these types of questions and that’s you. It is strictly up to you whether your situation warrants a new Mazda Plainfield or a well maintained used car. Contact Hawk Mazda to know more information and also follow on Twitter.

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