Quality Paintless Dent Repair in Lawrence and Eudora KS

Hail storms frequently take home and car owners by surprise. It’s important to monitor weather forecasts about incoming storms so that preventative measures can be taken. Some people without garages will take their vehicle to a local parking shelter to prevent damage. Others who have been surprised by the storm will layer thick blankets and towels over their vehicle to avoid hail damage. Fitted car covers, designed to protect vehicles from hail, is another option. These measures are recommended for owners whose insurance policy is not comprehensive, and the latter solutions are used more often since driving during a hail storm is risky and can cause further damage to the vehicle.

If caught in a hailstorm while driving, do not attempt to outrun or race the oncoming hail as this can often lead to accidents. Attempt to find a concrete underpass and park there to wait out the storm, and be sure to avoid ditches that could potentially flood during the storm causing vehicles to become stuck or water-damaged. Technicians even advise angling the vehicle, when possible, so that the front window faces the incoming hail. This may sound counter-intuitive after all the windshield cracks reported during hail storms, but companies manufacture windshields to resist oncoming debris. Side and back windows are not manufactured in the same way.

After damage to a vehicle has been incurred, immediately call an insurance agent to discuss the damage and file a claim. The chances are that you’re not the only person filing a report after a large storm. Once the insurance company has completed the report, it is time to start talking to a local body shop nearby, such as the HITE Collision Repair Center. They provide high quality and affordable body repair workmanship to people who have been in collisions or recently had their vehicle damaged by a natural storm or force. For hail damage particularly, HITE offers auto glass and paintless dent repair in Lawrence and Eudora residents.

Paintless Dent Repair Lawrence KS is a method used at HITE to remove small dents from vehicles. This technique is another solid approach for new car owners who don’t wish to invalidate their vehicle’s paint warranty. HITE’s reputable service has a history of excellence and outstanding work. Their top priority is to return vehicles to their pre-accident condition and to create satisfied customers.

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