Provide Quality Transmission Kits for Your Clients

As a mechanic, you want to make sure that when your customers come to you with an auto problem you can provide them with the service they require. From a minor oil change to rebuilding their transmission, you want to have the valuable products on hand to help you meet their needs. A client may be able to tell there is an issue with their automobile when they notice signs of different smells, fluids leaking, or the car might not be running as smoothly as it used to be. It will take a trusted mechanic to be able to diagnose any issues there is and how to resolve them. It is your duty as the reliable mechanic to find the right parts to help fix their problems. You can search online to find automatic transmission kits to have on hand to help solve any problems your clients have when it comes to their transmission needing to be repaired.

Different Sounds to Know There is a Problem with a Transmission

  • If there is a problem with the planetary gear customers might complain of hearing a grinding or whining noise. If they do your client needs to stop driving the vehicle and get it to a shop as soon as they can.
  • A customer that complaints of hearing a high-pitched whining noise, especially when going in reverse can mean that the transmission filter is clogged.
  • If they are hearing a gurgling sound, you should check to make sure that there is enough fluid in the transmission to properly lubricate the system.
  • Another sign of trouble with a transmission is when shifting becomes harder or softer than usual. There may even be a delay in the transmission shifting through the gears.
  • An indicator that there is a problem with the torque converter will be a constant whining sound that the client will hear while driving. This may even change in pitch the more they drive the automobile.

Search Online for a Reputable Company to Order From

You do not want to buy products for your shop from just any company; you want to find one that has the reputation of providing quality parts at an affordable price. A business that sets their customers above the others with such perks as a customer reward program. A program that will allow clients to earn prizes and rewards with every purchase that they make from them. Visit

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