Make Your Mercedes One of a Kind with Our Mercedes Rims

At Audio City USA, we understand that you did not buy a Mercedes to blend in with the crowd. You bought a Mercedes in order to have the best of the best, and there’s no sense in having the best if you don’t stand out a little bit.

That is why so many Mercedes owners come to us for their customized, totally unique Mercedes rims. Our incredible selection of customized car wheels will trick out your ride to the max, so that everyone remembers your Mercedes, even after you’ve sped off and left them in a cloud of dust.

What Makes Our Rims Special

Our Mercedes rims are like no others, because we have a selection that simply cannot be beat. At Audio City USA, you will find over 300 different kinds of Mercedes custom wheels, and that’s just today. We are constantly on the lookout for new options and designs. Our buyers keep their fingers on the pulse of the custom wheel market. So any time you see a new set of wheels on the street and they strike your fancy, just come check our store. Odds are we’ll have exactly the same model of wheel so you can get it for your car.

The Audio City Difference

When you shop with us, you will be shopping alongside Mercedes lovers who enjoy cars with custom wheels just as much as you do; that makes a huge difference. Our team puts only the finest and the best wheels onto our website, because we really value what we sell our customers.

That means that if we have something in stock, it’s the best of the best. We offer only the coolest, most memorable rims, and we know our customers appreciate that. If we wouldn’t want it on our own car, you won’t see it in our store.

Great Programs for Great Customers

At Audio City USA, we make it super simple for you to get your customized, tricked out Mercedes rims. We understand that you can’t always pay up front for your new wheels, which is why we offer valuable financing programs to help your pay over time.

If you don’t have the money right now, ask about proprietary “Finance Your Wheels” program. We will put you on a payment plan, with 90 days same as cash, so that you can pay on your own timetable. And best of all, there is no credit check. No matter what your credit history, we’ll make a deal with you. When you buy your wheels from Audio City USA, we guarantee you’ll get the right rims, right away.

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