Is It Time for New Truck Wheels?

A pickup truck can be one of your best friends. Many people use their trucks as daily drivers and spend a great deal of time on the road, and eventually tires wear out. When you want to replace your truck wheels and tires, it’s important to buy the right ones for your needs. Here are some tips to help you find the best rims and tires.

Truck Wheels on a Budget

If your tires are in poor condition and money is tight, you can get by without replacing the wheels at this time. In fact, you might decide to refinish and paint them instead. Consider a silver color or even black. However, before you do this, check out truck rims and tires online. A reputable online dealer has prices so low, you may be able to afford both rims and tires. Also, check with your dealer about used factory wheels. You might find some attractive stock wheels for your truck, at a very affordable price. In addition, look for online dealers offering easy financing, and you can buy both tires and wheels at the same time.

What Kind of Driver Are You?

Why did you buy your truck? Is it essentially a car, with occasional use for trips to the home improvement store? Maybe your truck is a beautiful new model with special paint and bed cover. If this is the case, you may want to go with truck wheels and tires made for looks and performance, and not for work. For example, special finishes (which may not be suitable for off road driving) may look great and work well for city driving. A polished or chrome finish may be best.

If your truck is a work truck, you’ll want wheels which are very durable and tough. However, you can still find some very attractive wheels when you choose ones made from strong aluminum alloys. These rims are so lovely, you won’t need to cover them up with wheel covers. Consider silver or matte black finishes for your heavy duty truck wheels.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Even if you have a large four wheel drive truck, the biggest tires won’t always give you the best traction. Instead of increasing wheel diameter, consider wider truck wheels and tires, unless you are looking for more ground clearance.

Tire and Wheel Matching

It is vital to make sure your tires and wheels match up and are made for each other. This is why it’s important to talk to wheel professionals about your selections. Your tire and wheel professional is there to show you the best choices and most affordable prices for your truck.

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