Installing Truck Video Monitors in Rapid City, SD

Installing a video monitor in your truck is a great way to add a bit of entertainment in the cabin. If you like taking the truck on a long drive, you can easily play music on the video monitors. Truck video monitors are generally available in different sizes, ranging from 7″ to 11″ screens. Most modern trucks come equipped with a touch screen monitor that allows you to control the entertainment systems in the vehicle. However, if you own an older model or a variant that didn’t come with a touch screen monitor, here are a few tips on installing a new monitor in your truck.

Choose the System

Ideally, truck video monitors in Rapid City, SD, are sold in complete packages. Along with the monitor, you will also have to choose the type of audio system that you want in the truck. The prices of audio systems start from as little as $100 or so and can go into the thousands. You can check online to find the best audio systems for trucks. Keep in mind that the space available on the dashboard also determines which model is compatible. If you purchase a video monitor that is bigger than the space in the dashboard, the company will have to install it separately.


Truck video monitors are installed by car modification companies such as Street Image. These companies also sell entertainment systems for audio and video in your truck. Installation primarily depends on the extent of modifications that need to be made to the truck. For instance, if there’s no space to install a monitor on the dashboard, the company will have to cut out a portion of the dashboard neatly to fit the monitor.

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