In Search of the Best Eclipse Eye Protection for Your Viewing Party

Are you planning on watching the upcoming solar eclipse? Maybe you would like to have a special party so everyone in attendance can have fun and enjoy this special solar event together. You will want to provide all your guests with the best possible eclipse eye protection. This is easy to do, and you can stay within your budget when you find the right supplier.

Make Sure Your Viewers are Safe

If you want to give your guests the best possible experience, buy some inexpensive eclipse eye protection devices, guaranteed to be CE certified, for looking directly at the eclipse. These viewers will filter out 100 percent of harmful ultra violet rays from the sun.

Cards or Glasses

When you check with the top eclipse viewer providers, you’ll have your choice of eclipse eye protection from glasses or cards. Viewer cards are very sturdy and come in convenient 5 inches by 3-inch sizes. These cards can easily fit into a pocket without causing any damage.

Eclipse glasses are also a good selection for your special event. With the glasses, you will not have to worry about holding a card in front of your eyes. Just wear the eclipse glasses like you would any pair of eyeglasses.

If you regularly wear eyeglasses, you may wish to opt for cards. However, many eclipse glasses are large enough to be worn over normal eyeglasses. Both glasses and cards will give you excellent eclipse eye protection, and it is a matter of personal preference. Both selections are also cost effective ways to view the solar eclipse.

Permanent Eclipse Glasses

You can buy eclipse glasses made from plastic designed to last for many years. This may not be the most cost-effective solution if you plan to outfit an entire party of guests. However, these glasses represent the ultimate in solar eclipse viewing comfort and style, so if you plan to throw a luxurious party, you certainly don’t want to provide anything but the best in eclipse eye protection for everyone in attendance.

Where to Buy Your Viewers
When you choose a trusted online eclipse viewer provider, you receive a high quality and affordable prices. You’ll pay less when you order more, so if you have a large get together or promotion, the savings can be substantial. Plus, your solar eclipse eye protection order can be customized and delivered to your home or place of business for maximum convenience.

When only the finest solar eclipse eye protection will do, come to American Paper Optics. We offer a wide range of viewers for your solar and 3D needs. Check us out on the World Wide Web today at for more details.

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