Improvements in Transmissions for the Brand Ram From Valparaiso Dealers

Consumers shopping for a new pickup in the brand Ram from Valparaiso dealers want a heavy-duty truck they can use for hauling and towing. The manufacturer realized over the past several years that nearly all of these consumers have no interest in a manual transmission. Thus, the company discontinued the manual transmission option as of 2019.

Earlier Problems With Automatic Transmissions

Until relatively recently, manual transmissions were better for heavy use. Automatics were prone to overheating while towing an RV or a large boat up a steep incline, for example. Now, when consumers want a vehicle with an automatic transmission that can handle this type of work, they might buy a new Ram in Valparaiso. With demand for manual transmissions so low in this country, vehicle manufacturers have begun to concentrate fully on making improvements to automatics.

Improvements in Automatic Transmissions

A large majority of U.S. drivers have long preferred an automatic transmission. Pickup trucks continued to be sold with manual transmissions after the equipment was discontinued in most other passenger vehicles. By the early years of the 21st Century, however, manufacturers had improved automatic transmissions so much that they performed just as well as stick-shift models in full-size pickups.

In fact, automatic transmissions in pickup trucks now operate more smoothly than their stick-shift counterparts. They easily downshift when traveling uphill with less jerking and lurching than the average driver manages with a manual shift. New Ram pickups can be purchased at Grieger’s Motor Sales Inc. after viewing the inventory .

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