The Importance of New Auto Glass

Even when you find the strongest glass on the market, glass is still a fragile material. When driving, your glass encounters debris and harsh weather than can chip or crack it. You might shrug off a small chip and decide not to fix it, but that’s a bad decision. Here’s why it’s so important to get new auto glass if yours is damaged.

Damage Spreads

Even the tiniest crack can spread into a large one. A crack shorter than a credit card can be repaired, while for a crack longer than a credit card the entire windshield must be replaced. Repair the crack while it’s small, and there’s no problem. Ignore it, and you have to pay for a much bigger repair.

Strength Compromised

A small chip compromises the strength of your auto glass. Once you have a chip, the stress of anything else that hits the glass finds the weak point at the chip and can shatter your glass. Again, this is a case where ignoring the problem while it’s small can lead to a much larger problem later. New auto glass in Chicago or another city can solve the problem.

Safety Risk

The spreading damage and decreased strength make the car less safe for you to drive if your glass is damaged. Cracks can also occur in your field of vision, which provides a different kind of danger to your driving. You don’t want to drive an unsafe vehicle just because there’s a tiny crack.


You have a couple of options for repairing your damaged auto glass. If you’re a very busy person, mobile windshield units can find your car at work or at home to fix it without you having to come into the shop. This is a good option if your field of vision is compromised by the damage, as well. Of course, you can also take the more traditional route of taking your vehicle into a shop for repair.

If you’re looking for new auto glass in Chicago, contact Frank’s Auto Glass.

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