The Importance of Auto Body Care Service in Rockville, MD

Auto body care service is often thought of as a cosmetic concern. If your car has been in a collision or is just getting old, different parts of the body could be damaged. These can be dents, hanging bumpers, ill-fitting details, and so on. You will want to have these fixed mainly because they are unsightly, but it’s actually more than that. Your vehicle’s body is designed to keep you safe and optimize your driving ability, and if it is damaged, you could have a compromised vehicle.


All cars are designed and tested in a wind tunnel nowadays. A wind tunnel will rush wind over the car or a small model of the car. The chamber will also inject smoke so that engineers can see how the air is responding to the vehicle. Ideally, you want as little turbulence in the air as possible, which means the vehicle is cutting through the air with minimal resistance, and will save you a lot of money on gas. If you are having body problems, you need auto body care service in Rockville, MD because such problems can be undermining your vehicle’s aerodynamics.

Even something as simple as a partially-detached bumper can undermine your aerodynamics. Such an issue can cause resistance, which will rob you of one or two miles per gallon in your fuel efficiency. In a tank of gas, that could be the equivalent of losing an entire gallon. You can browse the site to see how aerodynamics can be restored to your vehicle.


Automobile bodies are designed with crumple zones and other safety features that deflect and absorb the force of a collision in order to keep you safe. If your body is not in good shape, it won’t protect you properly. You need auto body care service to restore the safety features of your car. That way, you will be protected in case of a collision or some other unfortunate incident.

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