How Used Refuse Trucks for Sale Can be a Business Solution

Have you ever heard the phrase try it before you buy it? At RDK Garbage Truck Sales and Service, we do our best to give you the chance to test out our used refuse trucks for sale before you sign the paperwork to make them yours! We offer several popular types of garbage trucks to allow you a wide range of options to meet your specific service needs. You also have the option of renting different types of trucks before choosing the one that will best benefit your company.

Types of Used Refuse Trucks for Sale

We offer four different types of used refuse trucks for sale at our company: front loading, rear loading, side loading, and roll off trucks. Garbage trucks often come with an attachment that allows them to pick up garbage cans or dumpsters, depending on specific route needs. This attachment may load from the front, back, or right side of the refuse truck. Additionally, rear and side loading trucks can open up to be loaded manually. Another garbage truck we offer is the roll off truck. If you frequently service construction or demolition sites, then roll off trucks may be able to benefit you. Roll off trucks are designed to allow you to drop off a waste receptacle at a site. Then, once the demolition or construction project is complete, the container can be picked up and then dropped off at a recycling plant, landfill, or other disposal area.

Try Out Different Used Refuse Trucks

When you purchase used refuse trucks for sale through RDK Garbage Truck Sales and Service, you have the option of renting trucks before you buy them. This can be advantageous to determining the best truck for your needs. First, if you are servicing a new route, you may find that it is beneficial to ask one of our professional’s about different trucks to see which one will be most efficient. This will allow you to choose a front, side, or rear loading truck that is specific to the environment you are working in. The second advantage of renting one of our used refuse trucks for sale is that you can better determine the type of truck that will meet your refuse collecting needs. If you are a new garbage company, or are a company that is looking to upgrade your current fleet of refuse trucks, then you can try different trucks before deciding which ones you should purchase.

Cost-Effective Options

Purchasing used refuse trucks for sale from us also has the advantage of being a cost-effective business solution for your garbage collection needs. Like other used vehicles, used garbage trucks are available in gently used condition. Before you rent or purchase them, we perform maintenance to ensure they are in proper working order. Because garbage trucks have such a long useful life, you can use them for many years. This allows you to get several years of service without the high cost of a new refuse truck!

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