How the Nissan Rogue in Newark, NJ Stands Out

Buying a Nissan Rogue in Newark, NJ, can be an excellent investment. It is the type of purchase that allows you to feel confident on the road with a vehicle that is not only well built and comfortable, but also filled with ample technology. This vehicle, for the 2020 lineup, may be the next purchase you make.

What Should You Know Before You Buy?

The Nissan Rogue in Newark, NJ, is available in several trim packages, including the Rogue SL, Rogue SV, and the Rogue S, which is the base model. Buyers can choose between intelligent AWD and FWD, as well as features such as various wheel sizes and features

There are numerous features to look for in this vehicle. That includes the Nissan Door to Door Navigation system with Premium Traffic. It also includes sensors for driver-assist to keep you safe on the road. The dual-zone automatic temperature control is another exceptional option. This vehicle also offers solid fuel economy and has upgradable interior features. For many, it offers the trim packages that can define comfort and class.

The best way to find out if the Nissan Rogue in Newark, NJ, is the right vehicle for you is to get out there to test drive it. Visit a dealership and compare the specs and features to ensure it is everything you are hoping for and more. If you are looking for a higher-end vehicle with exceptional design, check out the Rogue.

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