Factors to consider when choosing truck tires

It’s time to replace the tires on your truck, and already you’re nervous at the likely cost. Like many vehicle owners, you may be tempted to put a few more miles on your existing tires before facing the necessary expenditure, but this might be an expensive decision. Tires need replacing at different times depending on the way the vehicle is driven and the conditions that the tires have been exposed to. If you think your tires might be becoming worn, it’s always better to have them checked rather than risking an accident. It’s also important to remember that many insurance companies won’t pay out for an accident if it was discovered that the tires were no longer in a good condition.

How to choose the right truck tires in Chicago

Of course, price might well be highest on your list, but it’s not always the case that the cheapest tire offers the best value for money. Beyond this, you need to make certain that your replacement tires are the correct size. This may sound obvious, but there are as many different types of tires as there are different manufacturers. On the sidewall of your existing tire will be a code, and this will tell you about the tire’s size and capabilities. For example, if the code starts with LT, this means that it’s designed for a light-truck. For some light trucks (such as a pick-up or SUV) it’s actually fine to use a sedan-car tire, depending on the load of the vehicle.

Another factor would be the speed rating. As you are probably aware, tires generate enormous amounts of heat because of the friction against the tires on the road. This heat is the number one reasons why a tire wears down. If you’ve been driving fast on particularly hot roads, it’s likely that your tires will degrade more quickly, and you should replace the tires with a high speed rating. If, however, your truck will not spend a lot of time on the highway, this might not be an important consideration.

The load rating and traction of your tires

Also in the code on the tire will be an idea of the load-carrying capacity of the tire. It is never a good idea to choose a tire that doesn’t have a high enough load-carrying capacity, as this is often the cause of a blow-out. Then comes the matter of traction. Chicago has a wide range of weather conditions throughout the year and tires perform differently in dry and wet conditions, and particularly when it’s snowing. To be safe, it’s definitely worth considering having a winter tire for those icy conditions.

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