What to Expect When Obtaining a Refurbished Transmission in Phoenix, Arizona

The transmission is like any other part in a vehicle. With time, it will break down or wear out. Drivers who are lucky find this doesn’t happen to them before the car is disposed of or sold, but many drivers learn they have an issue when their car leaves them stranded on the side of the road.

They noticed the vehicle was acting differently but blamed it on other things. When the time comes to replace the transmission, is a Refurbished Transmission in Phoenix AZ the better option or should one go with a rebuilt model?

Rebuilt Transmissions

When rebuilding a transmission, the technician only replaces any components that are worn, such as the bands, seals, and clutches. Any parts that have some life left in them are used again, thus they may fail in the near future. A rebuilt transmission typically comes with a short warranty, frequently only 60 or 90 days. This helps to keep the cost down on the unit and save the driver money.

Refurbished Transmissions

Refurbished transmissions have all worn parts replaced, along with any that are still functional, but show signs of wear. In the event replacement isn’t needed, the parts will be re-machined. A transmission that has been refurbished will also have any updates that have been recommended by the manufacturer to boost the durability and lifespan of the unit.

Refurbished transmissions usually come with a warranty of two years or longer. This ensures the transmission will hold up over time and the driver won’t have another costly repair in the very near future.

Often, technicians use the terms rebuilt and refurbished interchangeably. When requesting a transmission repair, be sure to ask what is included in the service. This helps to ensure problems are prevented in the future. Replacing the bands and seals is no longer enough.

When a person buys a Refurbished Transmission in Phoenix AZ, they should get, at a minimum, new parts for components to be replaced. Furthermore, tolerances on each part should be checked before the work is done to determine exactly what must be replaced, what can be repaired and where machining is needed to make the part serviceable. Be sure to ask about these steps for a transmission repair that will last.

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