Essential Information to Know About an Excavator

Excavators are heavy construction equipment used on construction sites to move materials. They can also be used for landscaping, demolition, material handling and river dredging. Typical excavating equipment can either be on tracks or wheels and are mostly used with bulldozers and loaders. Excavators come in different sizes and shapes depending on the use. Small excavators are known as mini or compact excavators. Often, a compact excavator comes with a bulldozer blade on the front. The smallest compact models can fit through a doorway while the largest excavating models can weigh over 180,000lbs. Here are some frequently asked questions about excavators.

What are some major uses of excavating equipment?
Excavators can be used in a large variety of applications depending on the attachments available. Some of the common uses include:
• Digging foundations, holes, and trenches
• Demolitions
• Forestry mulching
• Material handling
• River dredging
• Snow removal with snow blower and snow plow attachments
• Drilling shafts for rock blasting and footings, by use of an auger or hydraulic drill attachment

What are some essential features of an excavating machine?
An excavating machine consists of a number of features that aid mobility, and provide carriage and digging power. It has a bucket, arm/stick, undercarriage, a boom and hydraulic cylinders. The rotating platform on the machine allows the arm and bucket to lift off soil or any other forms of debris from the excavation site. Hydraulic cylinders are used because they optimize power output using fewer resources. The boom section resembles and functions in the same way as a human arm.

How do you use an excavating machine?
Although an excavating machine is smaller compared to other heavy construction equipment, it is very powerful and can be dangerous if used wrongly. It is imperative to read and understand all the instructions and precautions that come with the machine. Additionally, it is important to test the machine and know all the controls before starting the project.

Excavators are essential construction machines applied in day-to-day use. When choosing an excavator, it is advisable to purchase one from certified and reputable dealers. For more information about excavators, and how to contact a reputable dealer, please go to

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