Enjoy The Experience Of Driving The Jaguar XJ

In a time when many vehicle manufacturers are moving to compact SUVs and small compact vehicles, it is very difficult to find a larger car that looks modern, stylish, and offers top performance.

Jaguar has the solution to this problem with the 2021 Jaguar XJ Philadelphia. It is a true saloon car with a spacious interior and luxury features while also offering the legendary Jaguar performance and driving enjoyment. The XJ comfortably seats five and offers both all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive options.

The Exterior

The Jaguar XJ is immediately identifiable on the roads in and around Cherry Hill, NJ. It offers a sleek, streamlined profile that embodies a powerful vehicle. The front grille, design detail, and the LED headlights and taillights add to the look of the vehicle.

The XJ is manufactured with a full aluminum body, which means it is light as well as very strong. The solid chassis adds to the handling of the vehicle, while the lightweight design means increased fuel economy with a luxury performance vehicle. The model is available in both standard or extended long wheelbase.

The Interior

Buyers in and around Cherry Hill, NJ, will appreciate the attention to detail in the Jaguar XJ interior. The cabin is designed for driver comfort and access to all controls. The lines flow seamlessly, creating the appearance of openness and space. Also included is the Jaguar InControl system that provides full connectivity with a suite of applications and services to optimize your driving experience.

In a time when many vehicles are getting smaller, the XJ offers an amazing luxury experience for drivers and passengers alike.

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