Common Reasons Your Check Engine Light Comes On In Cicero

Many people have experienced that phenomenon of driving down the road, enjoying your music or company, only to look at the dashboard and see that scary check engine light. If you’re close to home in Cicero, you may go ahead and go home first before heading to a mechanic, but many people wonder what those lights mean and what should be done about them. Your mechanic or auto-parts store can run a diagnostic test using a small computer plugged into the dashboard computer. It gives them a code that they will look up to see what’s causing the problem.

O2 Sensor

Many times, the problem is that the Oxygen sensor has gotten too dirty to monitor unburned oxygen from the exhaust system. If that happens, the vehicle will think that there is too much unburned oxygen or not enough, meaning that there is a problem elsewhere. However, a quick replacement of that sensor should have you back to normal and reduce your risk of having even more expensive problems later.

Gas Cap

Newer cars are equipped with sensors for almost everything, including the gas cap. If it isn’t tightened enough, it can cause the check engine light to appear in Cicero. You can quickly check to see if the gas cap is on right. If it isn’t, tighten it to see if the lighting goes away. If it is on tightly, it could be faulty and may need to be replaced.

Spark Plugs/Wires

Spark plugs seal the combustion chamber and provide a spark to jump the engine. When they fail, it could lead to a misfire, but professional mechanics can quickly check and replace them for you as part of routine maintenance.

If your check engine light comes on in Cicero, it may be best to head to a qualified mechanic to find out what’s wrong. Visit TRANS-O-MEX at to get an appointment today.

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