Chicagoland Servicing For What Is Probably The World’s Most Popular Car

Maybe Toyota is currently the number one auto manufacturer in terms of annual production and sales; but, ever since its inception in 1937, Volkswagen have been turning out popular cars. With three of their models (the Beetle, Passat and Golf) regularly in the top ten selling list it can be safely assumed that there will be a large number of them driving around just about any place anywhere in the world and the Greater Chicago Metropolitan region is certainly no exception. It is no wonder that they adopted the German slogan “Das Auto” (which translates as “The Car”).

So Many Around Means Many Will Need Servicing

Maybe you own one of the top selling models; or maybe you have another type –such as the Scirocco compact sports car or their larger SUV – the Touareg? Or, possibly you are a collector with an ancient Beetle that you still like to drive around in? In fact, if you own anything made by Volkswagen; you will need to have it serviced from time to time and, unfortunately, it may even need repair work and/or replacement parts.


Early motor mechanics required some sort of skills training but this was simple enough for many people to learn the skills on their own – often by trial and error. However, today’s automobiles have become so sophisticated that  working on them requires the combined skills of a computer diagnostics expert, a mechanical engineer and someone well trained in electronics and other electrical matters (plus of course panel beaters, painters and other less exotic trades). Maybe the enthusiast can be self sufficient on his vintage vehicle but anything relatively new is going to have to be taken to a properly setup workshop for just about anything that goes beyond the likes of checking tire pressure and oil and coolant levels.

Where To Find Such An Authorized Workshop?

Let’s say that you live in a place near to Chicago that you call Bucktown even though it does not officially exist having been absorbed into the village of Mulberry Grove in Bond County Illinois. Maybe you have recently purchased a used Routan and it has a few (hopefully) minor problems so you need to take it to a workshop specializing in Volkswagen Repair For Bucktown. One such place would be Chicago Motors Auto Service which is located on North Pulaski Ave near to West Fullerton Avenue Chicago 60639. Visit them at

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