When It’s Better To Buy Used

New car ownership is typically the focus of the average car buyer’s thinking. The idea is that newer means better. And in some cases, it might be true. There are certainly brand new vehicles that are better than another vehicle that is a year old. However, this is not ALWAYS the case. Used cars can sometimes have an advantage over new cars. This is usually true in cases where it’s certified pre-owned, but there are a host of fantastic buys available on every used car lot. A used car in Joliet is a good deal for many reasons.

Why buy used?


A new car depreciates in value so quickly that it starts to lose money virtually the second it leaves the lot. It doesn’t matter that it’s almost the same car a year later as it was when you bought it. That car is going to be worth drastically less a year later. That’s because part of the price wasn’t the car itself but new dealer fees and advertising fees. You can’t recoup that loss.

Vehicle history

When you buy a new car, it has no history at all. You don’t know if it’ll break down three times in the first year or once. It may turn out to be a great vehicle or it may turn out to be a dud. With a used vehicle, you’ve got the advantage of being able to look at the history of the vehicle and get an idea of its condition and track record.

Price matters

Sometimes you just need a cheaper car, and a used car will always be cheaper than a new one of the same year. Better yet, the value stays more steady since most depreciation takes place in the first year after it rolls off the lot.

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