The Benefits Of Buying A Pre-owned Volvo

Volvo is one of those brands that make buying used a pleasure. With the price point, the tried and true service, and a history of excellence, a pre owned Volvo in Rockford could be just the trick to get you back out on the road and better than ever before. Here’s why buying a used Volvo is a terrific idea.

Why buy used?

Volvo has one of the best certified pre-owned programs in the business. That’s because they have tremendous confidence in their brand and don’t hesitate to throw out above average warranties to cover their vehicles. While other used brands lag behind on warranties and guarantees, Volvo puts its money where its mouth is and helps you save money in the long-run with its award-winning CPO (certified pre-owned) program.

When you buy a certified pre owned Volvo in Rockford, you can rest assured that there has been an extensive inspection on that vehicle and that you’re going to get a warranty when you buy it. Certified pre-owned vehicles are virtually guaranteed to be free of problems… for up to a certain mileage. And if they DO experience problems, the manufacturer is going to cover your costs, freeing your budget up for more desirable things (vacation anyone?).

Yes, there are other used vehicles out there in the world, but Volvo has one of the best pre owned programs to be found anywhere in the world, winning prizes for Best Premium Warranty and Best Premium Program. They give you a lot of assurance when you buy a used Volvo. If you’ve been hesitant to buy used because you’re afraid you won’t get your money’s worth, worry no more! You can call up Barrington Volvo today and schedule a test drive of any of our used or certified pre-owned Volvos today. Visit us at for more details.

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