Auto Repair Services For Ruined Tires

Tires are an essential part of a vehicle, but they easily go bad. Potholes in roads, nails on the ground, and a number of other circumstances come into play that pop the tire and make it go flat. Tires also lose their tread overtime, as well as lose pressure. Auto Repair services are available in many cases for ruined tires.


In some circumstances, repair is not a possibility for tires. The entire tire needs to be replaced before the vehicle can run again. Many purchase random brands of tires, not realizing that the factory brand is often available. A professional auto shop typically has access to factory replacement tires so the originals that work well for the vehicle can be put right back on.

Puncture Repair

A small puncture in the tire can be repaired. It usually just takes a patch or seal to cover the hole. This keeps the tire going until it needs to be changed down the line. A safety seal is the strongest option. A liquid patch is typically used as well, placed around the safety seal within the inner liner.

Added Pressure

If the air pressure in the tire is simply low, all it takes is adding more to get it back to normal. An auto team will check the amount of pressure in each tire and fill them until they meet the vehicle’s tire pressure specifications. Only one tire may need pressure added, or all of them could.

Tire Rotation

Sometimes all it takes is rotating the tires to keep them in good shape. A tire rotation should be done regularly to ensure there is even wear on all four tires. This should be done around every 5,000 miles driven.

Auto Repair services are necessary for tires. They either need to be rotated, replaced, repaired or have pressure added. With this services complete, a tire will be good as new and ready to ride. Those in need of new or custom tires can visit Randy’s Quick Lube. They offer factory replacement tires, as well as custom options for customers looking for something different for their vehicle.

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