Advanced Collision Repair in Johnson County

State-of-the-art equipment, a newly designed automobile body shop and the latest computer systems are what is required for Advanced Collision Repair in Johnson County. The way vehicles are manufactured these days makes traditional methods of auto body repair obsolete. Banging out dents, using old bumpers for replacements, and exchanging parts to make do is no longer possible.The variety of body frames, shapes, and colors means repairs have to be exact to get a vehicle into pre-accident condition. Computerized measuring systems, for example, are needed to get the frame and unibody aligned properly. Measurements that are not exact can result in wearing of the components, excessive pressure on certain sections, and a feel that is not quite right. Tires can wear unevenly, connections will become loose, and the safety features may be compromised.

Digital systems are needed to calibrate or reset factory specifications for the electronic elements of the vehicle. Vehicles today have built in power windows, starters, and security systems. Navigational computers in the dashboard are becoming standard equipment in some models. Hands-free telephone calling can be done right on the steering wheel; a touch screen is used to provide controls for all the features and functions of the vehicle. There is no such thing as turning on radio with a dial. Infotainment systems allow drivers to select satellite radio channels, utilize MP3 players and iPods for listening to personal playlists, and change among six different compact discs loaded into the player that is hidden in the trunk. Making sure all those gadgets and electronics work require advanced equipment and certified technicians.

Another component of Collision Repair in Johnson County is painting the affected area, if not the entire car or truck. Seek out a collision center that has a climate-controlled and spacious painting booth for a high-quality finish. Computers are available that use the vehicle identification number, also known as the VIN, to match up the exact color of each vehicle. The guessing element is eliminated, and there is no risk of ending up with even a slightly different shade. Vehicle owners can learn more about us online. Free estimates are offered, the waiting area is comfortable, and the latest technology is available to complete high-quality collision repairs.

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