A Ford Dealer Near Louisville, KY Shares Expert Summer Car Care Tips

If you’re going on a road trip around Kentucky this summer, your car should be in great shape. With so many attractions to choose from, you might end up scrapping your original itinerary and making occasional side trips. And that’s bad news for your vehicle if it’s not well-maintained. But with enough preparations, your car can endure a road trip with several segues with minimal wear and tear. Check out these tips from a trusted Ford dealer near Louisville, KY.

Perform a Brake Check

Roads are busy all summer. Traffic accidents are frequent this time of year, and many of those cases are brake-related. You don’t want to be a part of the statistics, do you? So, the first thing you should check is your brakes. Drive your vehicle at normal speed and step on the brakes. If you feel the steering wheel vibrating, that’s a sign the brake pads’ grip has diminished. Replace the brake pads and refill the brake fluid before venturing into unfamiliar roads.

Clean the Filters

There are four different types of filters found in your car. Two of them—air filter and cabin filter—will play a critical part in your car’s performance and comfort throughout the trip. The air filter ventilates the engine, while the cabin filter keeps the air inside your vehicle fresh and clean. Check how much dust they’ve collected and if you can reuse them. If you think you can dust them off, do it. But if the dust has already latched deep into the mesh, consider buying new filters.

Replace Rundown Belts and Hoses

Ever wondered how the shafts and pistons in your car engine turn simultaneously? Or why no fluids are leaking into the system? Well, that’s most likely the job of the belts and hoses. And like other engine components, they also wear out over time. Check their condition, and if you think they might snap or start dragging your engine soon, don’t hesitate to replace them. Just make sure the products you’ll buy are exactly the same as the parts you’re replacing.

Change Oil

When was the last time you changed your engine oil? If it’s more than three months ago, chances are your engine oil is already thick with dust and debris. It can no longer lubricate the engine parts well, which means they will produce more heat through friction. Additionally, the oil can no longer absorb and spread the heat across the engine, increasing the temperature even more. Before you travel long distances, it’s crucial that you change your car’s motor oil and should be at the right level.

Clean Your Car

No matter how many times you change your cabin filter, it won’t make a difference if your car’s interior is all dusty. Dust will keep on circulating inside your vehicle and eventually clog the cabin filters, preventing the free flow of air. You don’t want the inside of your vehicle warm while you drive for hours in the sun. Clean your vehicle until it’s dust-free. You can also wipe away the grease from high-touch surfaces because they, too, make your skin feel humid.

These are just the basic things you should do to prepare your car for the long trip. You can be meticulous if you think your car needs more detailed maintenance work. A Ford dealer near Louisville, KY would recommend taking your vehicle to a service center so that a professional mechanic can have a look at it. Check out Jim O’neal Ford for more helpful tips.

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