4 Signs Your Braking System Is in Trouble

One of the most important features in your car is your brake system. Knowing how to spot a brake problem can be handy, too. That way, you’ll know the signs that say that you need to take your car to the repair center right away:

Spongy Brake Pedals

In most cases, spongy brake pedals might mean that your brake pads are already worn-out. Toss them over for new ones as soon as you can. However, it could also mean a problem with your brake lines, or that you have a brake fluid leak. In either case, head on to the repair shop immediately.

Pulling Sensation When You Brake

Do you feel like your car wants to go right or left whenever you stomp on your brakes? That could be because of uneven brake pad wear. It’s also possible that your brake fluid has impurities that altered the pressure applied to your brakes. Consult an expert in auto repair in Columbia to find out what the problem is.

Ominous Grinding Noise

Do you hear ominous noises coming from your engine whenever you hit the brakes? Is there any howling or screeching? That could be caused by metal friction, which tells you that you’ve put off the repair for too long and that your brake pads are a dead loss.

Brake Pedal Vibrations

If your brake pedal vibrates whenever you step on your brakes, then that could be a likely sign of warped brake rotors. When you brake too hard and too often, that generates a lot of heat in your braking system, which warps your rotors as a result. You’ll need to have your rotors replaced in order to restore your braking performance.


Call ahead and schedule a brake inspection for your ride. For even better service, you could choose dealerships like autoPros Columbia which offer maintenance programs for your car care needs. With plenty of options, finding help should be easy.

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